How to create TF2 transparent sprays

That's what it should look like:

I - The art of invisibility!

This is where the juveniles grows up! You really love your brand new spray but the white (or whatever color) background around makes it a bit childish? I'll try to explain you how to get rid of it...

I'll use Photoshop as my reference but several other editing programs will have the same options.

First things first! Have you read "How to make a spray"? If not, then do it now and come back after...

  1. Having your image completed, save a copy with a different name and then merge all layers. Be sure not to have any background layer visible since it is the purpose of this tutorial...
  2. Once every layers has been merged, select the "Magic Wand" tool and click on an empty (transparent) part of your image. Be sure the checkbox "Continues Selection" is unchecked. As we want to get all the transparent parts in one click. And also have the "Feather Selection" set to zero pixel (0px) before clicking on the picture.
  3. Invert your selection. (In Photoshop: Ctrl + Shift + I)
  4. Find the "Channels" tab or window and then click "New channel from selection".
  5. You must have a new channel whitened as your selection was. (White parts will be visible and black ones will be hidden/masked)
  6. Leave everything else as it is.
  7. Go to "File -> Save As", then save your file as « .tga » format. (32bits/pixels, no RLE Compression and make sure the Alpha Channels option is selected)
  8. Follow the same steps as the Section IV of the page "How to make a spray" to save it for Team Fortress compatible file format.
  9. What you'll see in VTFEdit will be what you get in Team Fortress, so if it is messed up, go back a few steps and be sure to follow everything!
  10. That's it! You're done! Now enjoy your new TRANSPARENT spray!

Have fun!






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