How to create animated TF2 sprays

That's what it should look like:

Look at my spray!

What you'll need:

  • Each image you wanna make the animation with...
  • A GIF editing program (Like ULead, Falco GIF Animator, Image ready or Photoshop)
  • A VTF editing program (VTFEdit [FREE and it's the best in my opinion])


I - Get to work

Go to your favourite GIF editor and create a new image (Often something like "File -> New") or import your first image and then add all your other pictures in it. Make sure to respect the ratio size of the power of 2 (like mentioned in the Step #2 of this tutorial). Note that if you choose to make it 256 X 256 pixels, you will not be able to put as many frames as an image 32 X 32 pixels. I suggest you the 128 X 128 pixels size since it will be more likely to suit your frames needs...

Now you have to make a new file by exporting each frame. If your sofware have a export option in the "File" menu, hit it and make sure the option "Export all frames" is checked.


II - Now fancy files...

Open VTFEdit. Go to "File -> Import" then select all the files you just created. Make sure the "Animated Texture" is selected. Hit "Ok" then run the animation to take a look at your work. Now you see the image exactly as it will look like while in-game. If there's something wrong, go back a few steps and check it out... Go to the "Info" tab and check that the file don't exceed 150Kb. If it is bigger then that, you can remove some needless frames or downsize all your images to the next power of 2...

If you are satisfied with what you got, go to "File -> Save As".

Give a cute little name to your file and then save it to those two directories:

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\NAME\team fortress 2\tf\materials\VGUI\logos


C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\NAME\team fortress 2\tf\materials\VGUI\logos\UI

If the directories doesn't exist, well... Just create it as specified!

After that step, go check if you have « my-project.vtf AND my-project.vmt » files in both directories « logos AND UI ».


III - Getting ready to show it!

Save all your current work, close all programs.

Launch Team Fortress.

Press the "Options" button, then in the "Multiplayer" tab, check for the drop down menu list and choose your spray.

If you don't see your spray, it means that a file and/or a folder is missing. Close everything and go check if you have all the four (4) files mentionned at the end of the previous step in the correct directories.

If your spray is there and has been selected, join/create a server and show the world your amazing skills by pressing "T" near a wall. Immediate results garanteed!

Also, if you have multiple sprays and want to change it while playing, you'll have to wait after a map change to see the newest selected...

That's it! Your done! Enjoy! And now let other players know you are an animation freak!






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