TF2 Links

I've gathered a bunch of good Internet's links just for you!


Site's name URL Description/Comment
TF2 Den The website you are currently on... (The greatest one, in my humble opinion... :-)
TF2 WIKI Great source of information about everything concerning Team Fortress 2. Class, Weapons, Maps, Strategy, Crafting, Achievements, Updates, News and so much more...
Team Fortress 2 Official WIKI Same as the above but "Official"... Great site to browse.
Team Fortress 2 Official site Official TF2 site. Newest news... Some good "Official" links. Blog, Gameplay Stats, Contribution site, Game Groups, Facebook page, Forum, Community Avatars...
Team Fortress 2 France French TF2 site. Gallery, Forum, lots of informations, Downloads, news and more!
Wikipedia TF2 page
The Wikipedia TF2 page says it all! Tells about the history and origins of TF2. Good references and some technical informations.
The Orange Box (TF2) Screenshots, trailers and little informations... Still a good looking site...
TF2 Backpack Examiner Very useful (Hmmm... ?!?!) Site to discover backpack items from other players or share your with the world... You can trade items and see all the blueprints available. (Check those players BP and look at their items carefully... Robin, Rabscuttle and the last backpack page of this one: miniMOOSE wants your jarate)




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